Exercise with Baby

Review: Fusion Pilates Exercise with Baby DVD


So you finally have gotten your reward for carrying that baby bump for what seemed like forever and are now carrying baby in your arms instead! However, now you are a bit less mobile, right? Household chores and showers are seemingly difficult and exercise seems out of the question… Well, don’t throw in the towel prematurely – here’s some hope!

This article by Catie Tritremmel, hosted by HealthNews.com, is reviewing a pilates DVD designed for new moms who have those little bundles of joy to take care of and attempt to work around.

Review: Fusion Pilates Exercise with Baby DVD

Fusion Pilates Exercise with Baby DVD is low-impact, 20-minute program the offers a quick, effective workout for moms to do with their newborns. A master teacher of Fusion Pilates instructor training as well as a trained doula in labor and post-partum support with over 20 years in the mind/body field, Jennifer Gianni is regarded as the industry’s leading expert in fitness for pregnancy and Pilates in general. Among her clients are Hillary Swank, Maria Bello, Gretchen Mol, and Elizabeth Mitchell.

This is one of the first DVD workouts with baby that I have seen that incorporates the baby into the entire workout. In the workout, mom is encouraged to first have baby in a front carrier (Gianni uses a Baby Bjorn), then to hold baby, and finally move to mat work with baby.

During the entire workout you are either holding your baby, touching the baby, or talking to your baby. Gianni does the entire program with her four-month-old daughter. I did the workout with my seven-week-old son, who, amazingly, let me complete the whole 20-minute program. He seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

While this may not be an intense workout, it does a great job of showing new moms how you can easily incorporate baby into your workout routine for those days when you just can’t get a moment to yourself. Gianni even suggests encouraging your toddler to join you with a doll for those who have more than one child at home.

PROS: Short 20-minute full body program to get you moving. Knowledgeable, friendly and engaging instructor who understands what it’s like to be the mother of a newborn. Incorporates baby into the entire workout.

CONS: Wish there were options to make it more challenging.

BOTTOM LINE: A great go-to for days when you can’t find time for yourself to get you moving.

Cost $9.95 (includes 1 DVD)

Date Published September 2005

Subject Matter Pilates with baby

Target Audience New moms

Rating 4 stars



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