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Anthony Anderson became a model while in college and has worked for companies like Loreal, Acura, Paul Mitchell, and Target. To look healthier for his career, he adopted a green lifestyle, and this took him down many paths such as gardening, food politics, personal development, and spirituality.Anthony Anderson, Raw Model

As he became more concerned about the environmental crises, conventional farming methods, and genetically modified organisms in the food supply, he established a food forest near his parent’s home in Minnesota USA. He now teaches about forest gardening and green living, and is constantly promoting that message online.

He enjoys wild food foraging, writing, traveling, and gardening.

#1 – So, even though you’re super into raw foods and a healthy lifestyle, you actually do modeling for a living, right?


Hear it!

#2 – Why did you decide to be a model? And is it what you expected or hoped for?

I ended up getting into modeling very randomly. My original path was kind of just the regular corporate American path. [...] Some people made some suggestions that I look into it and pursue it. I thought it would be an interesting thing, so I looked into it. [...] I continued to go to college with a business marketing degree. Then, I finished up when I was 23 years old, and then at that point I thought it would be a good time to pursue the modeling, so I went over to Paris and Milan, Italy. [...] Then, because of the [raw food] diet, the diet was so much cleaner and I was detoxing, I just felt better about life [...] and it really helped my career. [...]

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#3 – What things do you do throughout the day to keep your energy up?

One of my biggest things is to eat very light in the evenings. [...] If I can keep my dinnertime about 6 hours before bedtime, then I’m feeling pretty good. A lot of clean water – I’m really into spring water. [...] I live in New York, so I walk around a lot. [...] Deep breathing, good eating, eating early in the day time – all that stuff really adds up.

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#4 – We have it down that you were vegan for about 5 years. What made you decide to become one and then to step away from it?

I initially got into it because of the ethical reasons. I would see PETA videos and I would see the factory farm stuff and it was just disgusting. I just didn’t want to be a part of that brutality. [...] I started to plateau and I was constantly kind of hungry as a vegan and my digestion really wasn’t what it used to be. [...] I consider myself a very selective omnivore at this point and it serves me very well. I am still very much on a plant-based diet, but I do include high quality animal products.

Hear it!

#5 – So, you have a giant garden and forest of fruits and vegetables in Minnesota. How long have you been working on that?

Yes! The planning phase started in about 2007 and then I started planting in April of 2008. And, the whole purpose was to set up a sustainable, ever-flowing kind of food production system. [...] So, I was thinking why not plant a living grocery store across the road from [my parents]? It’s a food forest, so it’s perennial-based. There’s also veggies and greens and stuff, but there’s a lot of fruit trees and nut trees and berry bushes, so it’s not as much maintenance as a typical veggie garden. [...]

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#6 – What is your long-term goal for your Minnesota “garden?”

Just to continuously, not really expand it too much, but keep putting more stuff in the under story like currants, and raspberries, and herbs and stuff. Mostly expansion of the message. So, filming it, getting it out on YouTube, educating the public about it, letting people know about food forest gardening and, you know, setting up a living grocery store in your back yard. [...]

Hear it!

#7 – What is your favorite thing about modeling?

Well, really the favorite thing is two things. It’s the travel and the schedule. [...] It gives me a lot of time to work on self-improvement in the meantime, while I still have an income and I can get into the spreading of the green living and sustainable ideas.

Hear it!

#8 – What do you think the biggest misconception about a modeling career is?

I would say that probably one of the biggest misconceptions is that models are ignorant. And, you know, that’s common. I can see why people would say that. I mean, it’s easy not to want to improve yourself if you’re making money not having to do anything. But also that, well, the unintelligence and maybe lazy or partying. [...] I’ve always been kind of cautious about telling people I’m a model because they’re automatically gonna think of Zoolander or something like that. [...] It’s the unintelligence which really gets me, and that kind of always really pushed me to really seek improving myself and keep learning things, you know, self study and not give anyone an excuse to think I’m riding on my looks.

Hear it!

Anthony Anderson, Raw Model#9 – Do you exercise? If yes, when and how often?

I do exercise. It’s really not all that much because, since I’m more into a higher fat diet. I’m not really eating sugars like I used to, so I don’t have to do as much cardio – I don’t have to burn off that sugar. I don’t burn sugar well. So, maybe three times a week I use these exercise bands, and I’ll just kind of do some stuff for my arms. A lot of isometrics – I’m really into the isometrics. [...] I live in New York City, so I probably walk, you know, 3 or 4 miles a day just, you know, living my life – going to this or that. Walking to Whole Foods is like a 40 minute walk. [...] Think of the planet or the earth as your gym. [...]

Hear it!

#10 – Do you plan for meals ahead of time? If so, how many do you plan for and how far in advance do you plan?

No. I really don’t plan. I used to. I was really into raw food cuisine like dehydrating. [...] Now it’s much more easy going. I’ll have some sardines or something or I’ll have some salad or drink some coconut water and I’ll kind of just get on with it. [...] Nothing too structured. It used to be, but not anymore – I like it better now. [...] I think the term is like unconscious competence where you just kind of get in the flow. You don’t have to think about it. You know what serves you food-wise and then you just kind of eat it. [...]

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#11 – Since you don’t seem to be the type to eat at fast food places or traditional restaurants, is there anywhere or anything you eat that is “out of the ordinary” for you?

No, I mean, it’s fast as far as like eating something like coconut water or something, but… I still go out to restaurants, but it’s like farm to table restaurants or organic stuff. I really worry about the oils that restaurants use and the salts. [...] I eat a lot of grass-fed butter. I might eat a quarter pound of day. [...] I’ve found [sardines] to be an amazing source of omega 3s. They’re small fish, so they don’t accumulate any toxins. No one really likes sardines. I bring them to jobs, you know – modeling jobs, and they’re like, “Bleh… Green sardines! Gross!” [...]

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#12 – Is cleansing and detoxifying is an important part of your life? If so, how would you suggest someone start cleansing?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hardcore detox. [...] My biggest concern for people is when they do a detox, to make sure they have lots of fiber in their diet for the colon. That’s where the Colema Boards really come into play with the colonics and the enemas because it just gets all that stuff out right away. I think a lot of people will detox and they won’t use that tool to get it out through the colon so then it comes out through their face, or cold sores, or headaches. [...] You want to eliminate through the colon and get it out that way instead of it popping out through your face or headaches or who knows. I’ve seen people’s entire back break out. And that’s because they’re not using their colon to detox, it’s going out through their skin.

Hear it!

#13 – What advice would you give someone interested in getting into pursuing a modeling career, especially if they want to lead a truly healthy lifestyle?

I would say the easiest way now – the agencies and bookers are very much focused on computer stuff – so, it’s not even important to meet them in person right away. So, I would say the key is, you know, go be very healthy. If you haven’t done it yet, start now. Give it a month or two and like, you know, be active with the exercise and eat really clean and just be ready for that. Then take some really good photos with your digital camera. And then email them. All you have to do is just email them to all the agencies that you want to visit. Then, if they like the look, they will email you back. You don’t have to fly to New York City or fly to Paris or anything or to Los Angeles. They’re kind of lazy. They want everything just emailed to them. [...]

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#14 – What has been your favorite company to model for? Why?

Oh…favorite company… You know, I wouldn’t have any preference per se. The only thing that would make it a favorite would be the location. So, I had a Paul Mitchell job in Hawaii a few years back, and that was just such a magical place… And I would probably say that was my favorite one. I like Target a lot. I do a lot of stuff with Target. They’ve been a good client for me – but, umm, otherwise it’s mostly just on a case-by-case basis with the location.

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#15 – Who was your very first modeling job for?

It was for a Prom catalog out of Minnesota. So, I was wearing a cheap tuxedo and it was some place in Minneapolis. It was $200, and I thought it was like the best thing ever. I was 18 years old. I still have the photos; it’s funny.

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#16 – Are there any special side projects you are working on to better the community/world?

Yes! Well, I am starting an organization called Grow Paradise. And that’s going to be both centralized idea where we are physically planting these food forests like in schools and community gardens and old folks’ homes but then de-centralized by filming it and getting really good internet coverage and then inspiring people to do the same. [...] I have the Facebook and the website’s under development right now. I’m just working on the final touches on with that and getting everything designed, so it should be up by January, at the latest February.

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#17 – You seem to know a lot about plants. What have you done to educate yourself about them?

Anthony Anderson, Raw ModelIt’s been two things – mostly the internet and books. So, learning that way – I didn’t really have like a teacher or anything, it was just kind of self-study. YouTube and all that really had a big influence on me but then also getting the books and looking up the websites. There’s great websites like You can just learn about all these plants and all that. And then, just being involved in the garden itself and seeing how things work and seeing what works in certain climates and what say, deer, like to eat and what they don’t like to eat. [...]

Hear it!

#18 – What do you do for fun (like music, movies, activities, hobbies, etc)?

Well, I’m really into wild food foraging. So, I like to go out and, you know, find things in the forest. I live in New York City, so like, Central Park – we’ll find things, you know, like mushrooms growing out of the trees and stuff. I do that and then harvesting spring water is a really cool thing that we like to do. About once a month we’ll go get about 30 gallons of spring water and bring that back home. You know, I spend time in the kitchen, and writing, and then making the videos. I mean, that’s really it… [...]

Hear it!

#19 – What do you do to relax in the evenings after a long day/week?

Oh, you know, I like to go for walks. I do a lot of walking in the city, you know, so, it’s kind of nice to just walk and people watch and stuff. Or, go to the farmer’s market. But, I like to spend time at home too and just watch some stuff on YouTube and stretch and just kind of chill out. Or, sit on the roof top and, I don’t know, just look at the city and stuff. But, being in New York, it’s nice because you can just get out and go for a walk and you’ll just see so many cool things.

Hear it!

#20 – What is something hardly anyone asks you but you wish more people would?

[laughs] Well, that’s a great question… I don’t know… I would say… I wish people would ask me more about my turning point…like what was the big wake up call for me. Because usually they just kind of want to know the hard facts about the lifestyle and then the how-to’s… But they never really ask me about the turning point – like, what clicked inside me to make me want to go in this path instead of the insurance path or whatever, you know? That’s usually the thing – like, the turning point. What was the turning point?


Is there someone you’d like to see interviewed? Let us know!



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