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21 Q & A with Dan “The Man” McDonald

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Dan McDonald Dan McDonaldhas spent more than a decade eating a living raw diet and teaching others to do the same. He has helped thousands of people lose weight and change their lives by eating primarily fruits and vegetables.

As “The Life Regenerator” on You Tube, he has more than 48,000 subscribers with more than 11 million views! His teachings have literally changed lives overnight through his inspiration.

Dan has been praised by some of the world’s best healers and leaders in the raw food movement as one of the world’s most influential living raw food teachers and motivators.

See Dan’s video recording of the interview here!

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#1 – You’ve gotten quite a following on your liferegenerator YouTube channel and many consider you a leader in raw foodism. Has this response been what you expected or hoped for?

I think that it was something that I would have hoped for. It’s gone far beyond what I would have dreamed of. I never dreamed of the videos. I thought maybe I’d write a book and travel around the country and talk about raw foods. But, I never had any idea that I’d go to the top of the chain. [...] I’m overwhelmed, and it’s only driven me to work harder at understanding more but also to improve myself as much as possible and set an example. [...]

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#2 – So, even though you’re super into raw foods, juicing, and a healthy lifestyle, what do you do to pay the bills?

I actually sell DVDs, and I do consultations.

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#3 – What things do you do throughout the day to keep your energy up?

The best thing to do is to get a good night’s sleep. That’s the number one thing to recharge your vital force – your vital energy. What you do before you go to sleep programs you for the next day. So, do you watch a violent movie or do you watch some kind of inspirational, educational, or spiritual DVD or read a spiritual book? Really, the next day’s energy comes from the prior day’s habit. [...] Today’s energy comes from yesterday’s choices. [...]

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#4 – We have it down that you actually did bodybuilding before. What made you decide to step away from it?

Well, I stayed with the body building a little bit at the beginning of my raw food, which was started 11 years ago. I was a body builder for about 10 years. I was in pretty rough shape. [Body building’s] not really the greatest thing…I know it’s really highly promoted. I like weight lifting, not body building. I think that it forces your body to be bigger than it would normally be in a nice, moderate, overall healthy, balanced lifestyle. I didn’t find that body building did that for me. But, once I found out about the raw foods, I learned about total detoxification and basically the complete healing, or – the book that I read referred to it as when the lord of the house returns. In other words, when your life force energy takes over your body. So many people’s bodies are so clogged up that the spirit is muffled out and you lose conscious contact with your spiritual self – which is your eternal self, which is where real, true, lasting happiness comes from. [...] Slowly but surely I kind of phased out [body building]. I still do weight lifting a little bit. [...]

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#5 – It looks like you use a lot of coconut water or coconut milk and you always get a real coconut and chop the top off. Is there a source other than straight from the coconut that you would recommend?

You know, some of the canned ones are actually okay. I was in the desert, it was 120 degrees, I was riding my bike across the US, and I was just dehydrated and in a bad way. I knocked back a couple of those cans and it literally saved my life. It was then that I had a realization that if people can’t open those coconuts (there are different ways – you can use a hammer and a nail, you can have the guy at the store cut them for you, et cetera), but, if you can’t, then the ones in the can still do hydrate really well. They are good for smoothies. They are way better than soda, and they are way better than pasteurized juices. So, I would say many of the ones in the cans are okay.

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#6 – You’ve produced 5 DVDs so far. Looking to put any more out in the near future?

I plan on putting out as many DVDs as it takes to get people as many ideas as they need – recipes, and knowledge…inspiration. Right now, my schedule is clear, but I have one more coming out which is a DVD on juicing for beauty. And then, after that, I do plan on working with my partners on creating some more DVDs. [...]

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#7 – What is your long-term goal for all of your videos and outreach?

You know, just to share my passion, really. I’m not here to try to fix anyone or change anyone. I’m here to maybe get that one person who might be able to make a slight or large difference in their life by consuming the foods that, in my opinion, God and mother nature put here for us which digest easily and energize cells and leave behind the least amount of metabolic waste. And, if I can be part of alleviating a little bit of suffering from someone’s life just because of something that I have loved from the very second I found out about it, [that’s what I want]. [...]

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#8 – What is your favorite (or least favorite) thing about being looked to for help?

Well, that’s an interesting question because I’ve kind of worn myself thin. I’ve answered tens of thousands of emails, and I did it at no cost. And everyone should know that I did it because I was so glad to be doing it, but at the same time I was also smart knowing that if you help people they’ll be there with you for life. So, I’m an all-around kind of smart person. I like helping people and I have a good heart, but when you help people, they’ll be on your team. They’ll buy your DVDs; they’ll support you. It’s an all-over plan of being an intelligent human being. And, like I said, I’ve kind of worn myself thin a little bit; it’s really hard for me to not write someone back. I’ve had to force myself not to, especially this last week – getting deeper and deeper into my own regeneration; I just can’t answer all the questions anymore because it takes so much mental power to answer individual questions and I’ve been needing to save that for myself – my energy for my own regeneration. [...]

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#9 – What do you think the biggest misconception about juicing is?

Oh Dan McDonald– obviously the fiber. [People ask,] “Don’t you have to have fiber?” Yes, of course you have to have fiber, but the juicing is just therapy for a modern world to get large amounts of alkalizing mineral salts, neutralize acidity, and also easily absorbable sugars. Most of the fiber has been removed; there actually is fiber in juice because you can never remove it all. So, juicing is just a therapy to save vital energy from too much digestion. [...]

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#10 – Is cleansing and detoxifying is an important part of your life? If so, how would you suggest someone start cleansing?

Basically, I would just say eat all the fruits you want followed by the leafy green vegetables that you want. Those are the foods that go through the human organism the best. And then later on you learn about the juice fasting, mono-fruit diet, and the water fasting when you want to get down to the deep level.

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#11 – Do you plan for meals ahead of time? If so, how many do you plan for and how far in advance do you plan?

Well, that’s an interesting question. I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’m doing now. Right now I’m really living simple. I basically have about eight cases of coconuts in the fridge. I have coconut and wheat grass every day and then, since oranges are in season, I’ll make orange juice as well. And, I’m also drinking coconut and blue-green algae. It’s amazing what the algae does for someone who has a brain like mine – kind of an addicted brain from a life time of addictive habits. And then, I have Asian pears for dinner. That’s what I’ve had for the last three days is coconut/wheat grass, coconut/algae, orange juice, and Asian pears. [...]

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#12 – What advice would you give someone interested in getting into juicing regularly, especially if they want to be truly healthy?

Everyone on the planet should have the daily juicing habit. I’ve had the daily juicing habit for about 15 years. That’s what’s kept me going good. It keeps your skin nice, keeps your eyes nice, keeps your hair nice…and feeds the cells. [...] You can’t just take 30, 40, 50 years of wrong living and turn it around with a couple of salads. [...] You have to be severely committed to reaching the goal of the most radiant, regenerated health.

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#13 – Since you don’t seem to be the type to eat at fast food places or traditional restaurants, is there anywhere or anything you eat that is “out of the ordinary” for you?

Sometimes I’ll go to a salad bar, you know, and just eat up. Mostly whole food salad bars with organic, but… I mean, I find myself in all kinds of little towns and stuff. I’ll go to a little salad bar – have some little olives on there that aren’t raw… Whatever… I don’t live perfectly. [...]

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#14 – What do you think the biggest challenge was for you to go start juicing? Why?

Oh man… I was a chef my whole life. So, for me to throw some veggies through a juicer it was just not easy, and then it just became worth it. I would be like, “Okay, I’m doing all this other stupid stuff… Man, go get your wheat grass and just drink your carrot juice at least…” I always had a lot of spirituality in me. I just had all this other junk that I had picked up from my childhood and stuff. And, I always thought that juicing was just a way to sort of rationalize this other stuff and keep me from falling apart too much. So, juicing was really easy for me and literally kept my spirit alive. [...] Juicing wasn’t that challenging [for me]. I know it can be for other people. My suggestion would be leave the juicer on the counter. Make sure you’ve got at least enough juicing stuff for one or two juices at all times in the fridge. [...]

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#15 – Do you have an all time favorite juicing recipe that you like? What are the things that really make you love your special drink?

I love Lemon Ginger Blast with apples, lemon, ginger, celery, arugula, and dandelion. And, I love the Super Sonic Green Juice Tonic with the celery, cucumber, spinach, cilantro, dill, kale, and lemon. And, other than that…coconut water with wheat grass is one of the things I drink the most. [...]

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#16 – You seem to know a lot about what tastes good together. How did you gain this knowledge? Was it through trial and error? How did you get all this experience?

Well, one thing… I mean, just lots of experience. I’ve been juicing 16 years. I got my first champion juicer from my parents 16 years ago and all my friends would be like, “Dude! Come back and live with me, man! I was so skinny when you lived with me!” I used to juice everybody up. After a while you learn what works and you get a real solid understanding of it. [...]

I think there’s probably been maybe, in 16 years, about 10 times where I made a juice that was just undrinkable. But, if you go from the mind, sometimes you’ll mess it up like, “I really want this, this, and this…” because you want all the health benefits of those things, but if you mix them together – sometimes they taste nasty. So, you learn how to just simplify your juices. Don’t try to get everything you need all in one juice. Juices with like three to five ingredients are the best.

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#17 – What do you do for fun (like music, movies, activities, hobbies, etc)?

To be honest with you, I love making juice videos. I love the YouTube thing, and my other hobby is helping people online. But, it does take some work. So, lately, my hobbies are just learning. [...] Walking is one of my hobbies. I can go on a nice long hike through the woods or just anywhere. Walk anywhere – just to walk. I’m a very simple guy, though. My life is really about this liferegenerator YouTube channel. And my hobby of all hobbies is to regenerate my own life. [...]

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#18 – On a nice, sunny day, if you could be anywhere, where would you like to be?

I would be in the Yucatan with my clothes off, eating, drinking coconut, and my daughters would be there. [...] I love being naked in the sun. And I’d love to have coconut trees around with the ocean crashing…and maybe some other papayas around. Just resting and contemplating and relaxing and letting go of everything…

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#19 – What is something hardly anyone asks you but you wish more people would?

You know, that’s a cool question. I just love talking about like the deeper possibilities… I wish that I felt there was more interest in the complete spiritual knowledge. [...]

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#20 – How do you relax in the evenings after a long day/week?

Well, I am a massage addict. Twenty dollar Chinese massage foot massage is my favorite. If I can get somebody who is a super skilled body worker, I will get one of those every night. I try and get all my work done during the day. By about 4:00 or 5:00 I try to start winding it down, and a good massage…the massages are key for me. And, usually, I’ll watch some type of inspirational movie or educational DVD. And then I usually, right before bed, read either a spiritual book or a nutrition book. And as I’m going to sleep, I pop in some type of CD that helps me relax or helps me learn more about different types of things. [...]

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#21 – Anything that you’re working on now that you’d like people to know about?

Well, I’d like them to know about my YouTube channel of course, life-regenerator.com. My website, where I have some DVDs for sale as well as some of the tools that I use for a healthy lifestyle, and that’s regenerateyourlife.org. You can get your hands on the DVDs for more of a concise type instruction. This was more random type stuff, but on the DVDs I get a little bit more concise and to the point on what you need to do to apply these habits to your life. Then, after that, I’d be happy to let everybody know that I’m going to be doing the water fast in the future here – in January to start the year off right. And, I will be doing my best to vlog that so [people] can watch first-hand a skinny guy get skinnier, but in the course of that, regenerate through the detoxification process. So, let’s see if anyone’s interested in watching that. I’ll probably vlog as much as possible without stressing myself out. This time, I’m going to do it right. Last time I did a water fast, I was trying to keep a million people from dying of cancer. So, anyways, that’s just about it.

See Dan’s video recording of the interview here!


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